Shaping the future with a million possibilities

Experience the forefront of innovation at the International Knowledge Millennium Conference 

Shaping the dialogue on global challenges

Shaping the dialogue on global challenges

The International Knowledge Millennium Conference (IKMC) stands as a pivotal convergence for the innovation landscape. Initiated in 2002, IKMC stands as a prestigious annual event designed to unify key figures from the global innovation ecosystem. Over the years, it has established itself as a pivotal gathering for startups, corporate researchers, academics, investors, policymakers, and other influential participants.

Each year, IKMC concentrates on a theme of contemporary relevance, offering a rich tapestry of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. IKMC is propelled by our enduring commitment to fostering collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and the advancement of innovation across various sectors.

Opportunities and advantages

Opportunities and advantages

Strategic networking opportunities

IKMC presents an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to connect with an array of professionals. Such interactions help foster interdisciplinary learning and establish potential collaborations.

Influential policy shaping forums

The policy roundtable discussions of IKMC attract seasoned business leaders and decision-makers. These forums focus on pivotal innovation challenges, to generate practical, impactful insights.

Targeted innovation workshops

Tailored for startups and entrepreneurs, these workshops led by industry veterans provide guidance in crucial areas such as IP rights, technology transfer, valuation, regulatory compliance, and capital raising.

Global perspective

IKMC's global perspective on innovation trends and practices, along with its themes like “Shaping the Possible” and “Sculpting the NEXT,” showcases its commitment to global challenges and propels a more innovative future.

Thematic concentration for enhanced learning

IKMC zeroes in on a specific theme, facilitating an in-depth exploration of pertinent topics within the innovation ecosystem. This focus ensures a structured and comprehensive learning experience.

Visibility for emerging ventures

For emerging startups and young entrepreneurs, IKMC serves as a showcase to prominent figures and entities in their respective fields, enhancing their visibility and credibility.

Themes of past conferences

Every year, IKMC themes evolve to reflect a dynamic response to the forefront of global discourse, emphasizing the necessity to adapt and address pressing challenges unique to each year’s socio-environmental and technological landscape.

IKMC 2023

Shaping the Possible: Making positive impact in the Anthropocene

IKMC 2022

Sculpting the NEXT: Enabling a Future-Ready India

IKMC 2021

Shaping Sustainability: Investing in our Future

IKMC 2020

Future Scan – Predict & Prepare

IKMC 2019

Planet and We: Our Connected Future

IKMC 2018

Innovation Ecosystems in Times of Disruptive Change

IKMC 2017

Startup to Scaleup

IKMC 2016

Accelerating Innovation

IKMC 2015

Spreading the Spirit of Innovation

IKMC 2014

Innovating to Improve Lives

IKMC 2013

Global Innovation Exchange

IKMC 2012

Global Innovation Exchange

IKMC 2011

Innovative SMEs in Healthcare, Energy & Mobile platforms

IKMC 2009

Productization to Improve Healthcare Access and Reach

IKMC 2006

Improving Public Health in India: Need for Innovative Solutions in Healthcare Delivery

IKMC 2004

Biotechnology in India - Building Bridge between Science & Industry

IKMC 2002

Drug Discovery and Healthcare in the Knowledge Economy: India's Opportunities