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As one of India’s earliest and most influential Life Sciences parks and incubators, IKP has been advancing business-driven R&D and nurturing innovation in India’s dynamic science and technology landscape. We orchestrate innovation in life sciences, biotechnology, health tech, agri-tech, engineering, and beyond. To bridge the gap between groundbreaking ideas and real-world impact, we collaborate with startups, large corporations, research and academic institutions, government agencies, and investors. We work through our 200-acre science park in Genome Valley Hyderabad, our maker space in Koramangala, Bangalore, and our various innovation programs and services across India and the world. We are redefining the potential of science and technology-based solutions to shape a better tomorrow for India and the planet.

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With a focus on sustainable, groundbreaking solutions, we are catalyzing progress by supporting a dynamic ecosystem of startups and innovators. Our center of excellence is shaping a future by focusing on key sectors where cutting-edge research and development lead to a healthier, smarter, and more sustainable world.

Our Offerings

Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG)

A flagship program sponsored by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)

Agriculture Grand Challenge (AgGC)

An opportunity for Agri-tech start-ups to solve defined problems at the grassroots level

IKP Global Regulatory Forum (IGRF)

A forum to help regulatory agencies understand the landscape of emerging technologies

Platform for Regional IP Management Ecosystem (PRIME)

A regional office was established to enhance the efficiency of technology transfer and commercialization

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