Training and Workshops

Hands on training on high end Analytical Instruments

Life Science Incubator, IKP Knowledge Park aims at imparting training through Analytical Instrumentation Facility onsite. This one to two weeks programme provides advanced training using latest technologies with hands on experience and demonstrations. This program intends to bridge the gap between academic training and industry needs in the area of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which are in need of skilled people with hands-on experience.

The following training programs are planned to introduce in future:

  • Hands on training on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR, 400 MHz)
  • Hands on training on Analytical Instruments: DSC (TA Instrument Q20), TGA (TA Instrument Q50), Particle Size Analyzer (Melvern Mastersizer 2000) and FTIR (Agilent-Cary 630)
  • Hands on training on HPLC (Agilent, 1260 infinity series) and LCMS/MS (Waters, Aquity UPLC H-Class system and TQD)
  • Hands on training on GCMS (Agilent, 7890B GC system with Headspace)
  • Hands on training on ICPMS (Agilent, 7700x)