Shared Equipment Facility

Incubation units are facilitated with the equipments in the area of molecular biology, protein chemistry, spectroscopy, microscopy and cell culture work.

S No. Equipment Make Model No./Specification
1 - 80 ˚C Deep freezer Nuaire ILS-DF8513F
2 - 20˚C freezer Bluestar HF425
3 2D Gel Biorad PROTEAN i12IEF
4 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis unit Broviga Mini/Midi gel
5 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis unit Biorad
6 AKTA Purifier with Fraction collector GE Healthcare UPC100, Frac-920
7 Analytical Balances Shimadzu ELB-3000
8 Autoclave Osworld/N-Biotech JRIC-39/NB1060
9 Bath Sonicator Bandelix electronics Bandelin sonorex
10 Centrifuge Eppendorf 5430R (Refrigerated)
11 Centrifuge- Minispin Eppendorf Minispin Plus
12 Chiller Ika MC3i
13 Cold room Bluestar BR101
14 Gel Doc Syngene Ingenius
15 Gel Rocker Grant Instruments PS-M3D
16 Gene Pulsar Biorad Xcell System
17 Hot air oven Cintex CIC-12
18 Facilities existing in the Park and 25 years F-80C
19 Incubator shaker Satorious Certomat-BS1
20 Laminar flow Deepak Meditech DM188
21 Magnetic stirrer Heidolph MR3001
22 Microwave oven Kenstar OM/34ECR
23 Milipore water system Milipore I 038A, Elix and MilliQ water
24 PCR Eppendorf 96 well
25 pH Meter Eutech Cyberscan
26 Polarimeter ATAGO AP100
27 Protein Gel Electrophoresis unit Biorad
28 Refrigerator Seimens KS30U
29 Refrigerator Thermo PLR221
30 Spectrophotometer Beckman Coulter DU-730
31 Thermomixers Eppendorf Thermo C
32 Vaccum Pump Hydro HVS10D
33 Water Bath Grant Instruments SAP-12
34 Weighing Balance Precisa XB220ASCS
35 Roads, green belts, 51 years 51 years
Cell culture Lab
36 Biosafety cabinet ESCO Class II
37 CO2 Incubator Eppendorf/Thermo Galaxy (170S)/371
38 Multi mode plate reader and Multi wash Molecular Devices SpectraMax M4
39 Phase Contrast Microscope Carl-Zeiss Primo Vert