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Grand Challenges, Karnataka

Grand Challenges, Karnataka is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka, under the newly launched Start-up Policy of the government, to scout for new technologies or innovations that can offer solutions to some of the longstanding issues pertaining to the state of Karnataka. Grand Challenges, Karnataka aims to channelize innovations for social impact, and in the process, support the establishment and growth of start-ups. Six Grand Challenges have so far been launched.


The first challenge launched in August 2016 was centred around building a technology enabled system for real time monitoring of the quality of water discharge from Sewage and/or Effluent Treatment Plants and relaying data to a central server.


The second challenge launched in October 2016 was for building a technology enabled system to detect and provide physiological or morphological parameters for early detection and warning of plant disease and pest infestation in different crops.


The third challenged launched in November 2016 focused on building a technology enabled system to ensure effective delivery of primary health services through meaningful, transparent and democratic engagement of communities.


The fourth challenge launched in April 2017 sought innovative interventions aimed at tackling Undernutrition and Calorie-Protein-Micronutrient Deficiencies in children, adolescents and adults


The fifth challenge launched in August 2017 was aimed at solving traffic problem in Bengaluru


The sixth call launched in August 2017 was to seek technology based innovative interventions aimed at Water Conservation in Karnataka, for prototyping, testing and scaling up in Karnataka.


The winners get access to mentors, resources and network, an INR 10 lakhs grant to prototype and demonstrate solution (in 6 months) and Phase II piloting grant of INR 50 lakhs.


List of awardees

Awardee: Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Building a real-time quality & quantity monitoring system for waste water and sewage management
Url: http://www.greenvironmentindia.com


Awardee: Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Aurassure Aqua
Url: https://phoenixrobotix.com


Awardee: Lab4life Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Smart technology for waste management
Url: NIL


Awardee: UAS Bangalore
Project: Development of molecular and immunological tool for detection of Cardamom Mosaic Virus
Url: https://www.uasbangalore.edu.in


Awardee: UAS Dharwad
Project: Smart system for early detection of plant diseases and pest infestation
Url: http://www.uasd.edu


Awardee: Agribasket Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Smart Disease analytics
Url: NIL


Awardee: Agnext Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Pest Mitigation platform
Url: http://agnext.in


Awardee: AIISc, Bangalore
Project: Drones for neo agriculture
Url:https: https:www.iisc.ac.in


Awardee: Janitri Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Project: LaborConnect-An intelligent labour monitoring tool
Url: https://janitri.in


Awardee: Miisky Technovation Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Noninvasive and continuous health monitoring device of all vital health parameters
Url: https://www.miisky.com


Awardee: Mother Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Ultra low-cost digital X-Ray especially for preterm neonatal using SLR camera
Url: http://www.motherdiagnosticsystems.com


Awardee: Chikitsak Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Health screening and telemedicine platform for NCDs
Url: https://chikitsak.in


Awardee: Medyug Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Health-PIE (Patient Information &empowerment)
Url: https://www.mtatva.com/about


Awardee: St. John’s Research Institute
Project: Acceptability of a food product in children with severe acute malnutrition
Url: http://www.sjri.res.in


Awardee: Bloom Fresh Edibles Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Project Poushtika
Url: http://www.superbites.in


Awardee: Nutrea
Project: PoshanDhan: An affordable, accessible and acceptable solution for undernourishment and hidden hunger
Url: https://sites.google.com/view/nutrea/home


Awardee: Spirulina Foundation
Project: Superfoods in addressing undernutrition and protein-calorie micronutrient deficiency in Karnataka
Url: NIL


Awardee: IIIT Delhi
Project: Commuter Vision
Url: https://iiitd.ac.in


Awardee: Snapcommute Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Challo-An integrated urban commuter app
Url: https://snapcommute.com


Awardee: ZeroToOne Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Fae Bikes
Url: http://www.faebikes.com


Awardee: CMRIT
Project: Conservation of water using water-atomization tap
Url: https://www.cmrit.ac.in


Awardee: CMRIT
Project: Instant purification of sewage and polluted lake water
Url: https://www.cmrit.ac.in


Awardee: HarvestWild Organic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Project: BubbleNut Wash-Water saving detergents
Url: http://bubblenutwash.com


Awardee: OpenWater.in Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Solar powered hassle free wastewater treatment and management for communities
Url: https://openwater.in

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