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Incubation units are facilitated with the equipments in the area of molecular biology, protein chemistry, spectroscopy, microscopy and cell culture work.

S. No.EquipmentMakeModel No./Specification
1- 80 ˚C Deep freezerNuaireILS-DF8513F
2- 20˚C freezerBluestarHF425
32D GelBioradPROTEAN i12IEF
4Agarose Gel Electrophoresis unitBrovigaMini/Midi gel
5Agarose Gel Electrophoresis unitBiorad 
6AKTA Purifier with Fraction collectorGE HealthcareUPC100, Frac-920
7Analytical BalancesShimadzuELB-3000
9Bath SonicatorBandelix electronicsBandelin sonorex
10CentrifugeEppendorf5430R (Refrigerated)
11Centrifuge- MinispinEppendorfMinispin Plus
13Cold roomBluestarBR101
14Gel DocSyngeneIngenius
15Gel RockerGrant InstrumentsPS-M3D
16Gene PulsarBioradXcell System
17Hot air ovenCintexCIC-12
18Facilities existing in the Park and25 yearsF-80C
19Incubator shakerSatoriousCertomat-BS1
20Laminar flowDeepak MeditechDM188
21Magnetic stirrerHeidolphMR3001
22Microwave ovenKenstarOM/34ECR
23Milipore water systemMiliporeI 038A, Elix and MilliQ water
24PCREppendorf96 well
25pH MeterEutechCyberscan
27Protein Gel Electrophoresis unitBiorad 
30SpectrophotometerBeckman CoulterDU-730
31ThermomixersEppendorfThermo C
32Vaccum PumpHydroHVS10D
33Water BathGrant InstrumentsSAP-12
34Weighing BalancePrecisaXB220ASCS
35Roads, green belts,51 years51 years
 Cell culture Lab  
36Biosafety cabinetESCOClass II
37CO2 IncubatorEppendorf/ThermoGalaxy (170S)/371
38Multi mode plate reader and Multi washMolecular DevicesSpectraMax M4
39Phase Contrast MicroscopeCarl-ZeissPrimo Vert

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